When you think of Morocco, one of the first things that likely comes to mind is the image of a camel trekking across the Saharan dunes. The opportunity to ride a camel is a quintessential Moroccan experience, and one that you can easily enjoy during a visit to the vibrant city of Marrakech.

Just a short drive from the bustling medina of Marrakech, you’ll find the tranquil Palmeraie – an oasis of over 100,000 palm trees that feels a world away from the energy of the city. This is the perfect setting to climb aboard a camel and soak in the serene atmosphere.

On a recent trip to Marrakech, I had the chance to embark on a 2-hour camel riding excursion in the Palmeraie. I was picked up directly from my riad and whisked away to the palm grove, where I was greeted by the friendly staff and provided with traditional Moroccan/Saharan attire to wear for the experience.

After getting acquainted with my camel and learning the basics of how to ride, we set off on a leisurely trek through the palm trees. The gentle sway of the camel’s stride was surprisingly comfortable, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of timelessness as we meandered through the serene landscape.

Periodically, we would stop so I could hop off the camel and wander through a nearby Berber village, chatting with the local residents and learning about their way of life. The contrast between the modern thrills of Marrakech and the traditional, unhurried pace of the Palmeraie was striking.

Eventually, we reached a wide open space where I had the chance to practice my camel riding skills a bit more. The staff was incredibly patient and helpful, ensuring I felt safe and confident throughout the experience. And of course, no Moroccan adventure is complete without a refreshing glass of mint tea – which they graciously provided at the end of the ride.

As my camel ride came to a close and I was driven back to my hotel, I felt a deep sense of appreciation for the opportunity to connect with Morocco’s rich cultural heritage. The camel ride in the Palmeraie was a highlight of my time in Marrakech, offering an authentic taste of the country’s centuries-old traditions. I would highly recommend adding this excursion to any Marrakech itinerary.