It would be a shame not to take the time to venture a little beyond the walls of the Medina of Marrakech to contemplate these picturesque and breathtaking places, discover another facet of authentic Morocco while enjoying a beautiful day with family or friends . Marrakech trips puts at your disposal a small selection of excursions, easily realizable in 1 day. These are only suggestions and if you want to organize any other outings or activities, they will be happy to help you and advise you.


Located in the South of Marrakech and easy to reach, the excursion Ourika is only 30 minutes drive from Marrakech. It is the most frequented Valley of the High Atlas. Many Marrakchi people have their second home there and come to take refuge there when the temperature in Marrakech becomes difficult bearable (Here it is at least 10 ° C less).

This trip allows you to take a trip to the Atlas and get a glimpse of Berber rural life. The road is lined with lush vegetation, palm trees, fruit trees, picturesque villages with breathtaking views, small shops selling beautiful pottery, carpets, jewelry, argan oil … gargotes, cafes and restaurants serving tajines, kebabs and salads in riverside … everything is set together for an unforgettable day! Just a little advice, agree on the price of your meal before lunch to avoid any misunderstandings
at the time of the addition … (very few have menus with prices displayed).


A beautiful little port city surrounded by an old Portuguese fortress, with white and blue houses and miles of beaches with a sumptuous sunset on the Atlantic … you will not regret having done a little over 2 hours of road to get there !!!! Culturally the city itself is a living museum. Its architecture is both harmonious and diverse, revealing at different times its heritage Berber, Portuguese and French.

It is the distinguished and well-preserved illustration, on the North African soil, of a European port city fortified in the 18th century. Behind the walls of Essaouira is its Medina which is full of shops selling paintings, rugs, handicrafts, scarves, jewelry, bags …

Lovers of seafood are not forgotten. Many proudly display their catch of fresh fish under the watchful eyes of seagulls. With its miles of beaches along the Atlantic coast, Essaouira has become an unmissable event for all lovers of windsurfing, surfing, kyte surfing … There is also held every year the famous music festival Gnaoua and music of the world, which during 4 days attracts more than 300 000 people !!! Music and art in all their forms fill the city.


Enjoy a sweet day at the feet of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Atlas. These waterfalls are the most famous in Morocco and, at a height of more than 110m, are a breathtaking sight. Bouncing on several levels and throwing thousands of fine droplets in the air, they are almost permanently highlighted by a beautiful rainbow. A most remarkable natural attraction!

At the foot of the waterfall you can take small hiking trails, cross fields of olive trees and discover a dozen small mills and oil presses still in operation. You will also find many small restaurants that serve excellent traditional Moroccan cuisine, stalls souvenir …

You can indulge in the joys of swimming, enjoy a meal with your feet in the water or just refresh with a good mint tea observing, if you are lucky, you will encounter the comings and goings of native monkeys in the area.