If you do not know what to do in Marrakech in 4 days, here is an article that will help you organize your stay

Ouzoud waterfalls

A really nice excursion and at a very affordable price since for less than 30 € you go on a day to discover the Berber villages and the cities of the Grand Atlas. There is road, but after you can enjoy the Ouzoud waterfalls. The place is heavenly and it’s really nice to swim in the waterfalls. There are waterfalls for both young and old 🙂

Just bring your sunscreen, comfortable shoes and of course don’t forget your camera.

We don’t often think about this activity when we are looking for what to do in Marrakech! However we recommend it without hesitation!

Desert Safari

If you have more time in Morocco, we recommend you without hesitation to go on an excursion for 3 days in the desert! It’s just AWESOME! You leave from Marrakech to Merzouga (near the border with Algeria). You will spend a night in a hotel on the road as well as a night in a Bedouin camp, it is very nice and above all it is a unique experience!

We pass through the doors of the Sahara Desert near Ouarzazate, you walk at certain times or you are on a camel. It is not too long, because there is transport then a hike also to attend the sunrise and sunset over the desert. MAGNIFICENT !

Discover Jemaa El Fna square

A veritable open-air theater in the heart of Marrakech, the Jemma El Fna square is not to be missed!

You will find street vendors, snake charmers, squeezed fruit juice stands, street vendors, souks a few meters away as well as many panoramic terraces.

It is with height that you will best discover the Jemma El Fna square. We advise you to choose a panoramic terrace and try a little Moroccan tea for the occasion. In the evening, life on the square continues with many groups and activities to immerse you in a unique atmosphere …

Ben Youssef Medersa Koranic School

This old school built on the foundations of the old Medersa in 1570 by the Saadians is a real architectural gem. The school located in the heart of the medina was for more than 400 years a home for all students thirsty for knowledge in theology.

You will have the opportunity to visit the interior courtyard of the Medersa Ben Youssef, but also the “rooms” of the students. There are more than 130 of them and they made it possible to accommodate students not originating from Marrakech. The walls are engraved, carved, it’s really very beautiful.

It is truly the place to admire all the beauty and dexterity of Arab-Andalusian art.