Get a change of scenery and Moroccan authenticity in the Draa Valley, with a stay in Zagora. A long-standing caravan center, Zagora is located on a trans-Saharan trade route. If you want to break away from the everyday grind, meet real people and discover ancestral traditions, you’ve come to the right place.

All your worries will fly away like the grains of sand transported through the air by the Sirocco! Goodbye monotony, hello Zagora! Zagora is located in the south east of Morocco, a few tens of kilometers west of the Algerian border. The city is in the Souss Massa Drâa region, about 360 km southeast of Marrakech. Do you dream of tranquility, sunshine and uprooting? Welcome to Zagora! Your getaway to Zagora will do you the greatest good!

If you can’t stand the heat well, forget about August and its 45 °. Hot and dry winds from the Sahara, like the Chergui, sometimes sweep the region, causing the thermometer to climb. Better to prefer October to February…

Stopover on the caravan route, the oasis and the surroundings of Zagora are a path taken for ages. You are here at the gateway to the Saharan desert, a place for reflection and a well-deserved rest.

You will be amazed by the friendliness of the locals, dazzled by this traditional architecture, you will fall for an exquisite cuisine with spicy flavors, and for the variety of landscapes, between palm grove and dunes.

Zagora Tours

Do not miss a camel or 4×4 excursion Morocco! Have your picture taken next to the “Timbuktu, 52 days” sign (on the back of a dromedary …). Discover the manufacture of pottery and the library of the Tamegroute desert. See also the surrounding ksars, fortified villages. Of course, a sunset in the dunes and an absolutely breathtaking spectacle…

Transport and travel in Zagora

Zagora has a small airport, but the closest international airport is Ouarzazate (180 km). From Ouarzazate, you can take a collective taxi or a bus. In town, the collective taxi and the “normal” taxi will ensure your trips. The city being extended, trips on foot are reserved for the bravest (hat and sunscreen recommended)!

Going out in Zagora

You guessed it, we don’t come to Zagora as we go to Ibiza. Here, the outings are walks, and the activities are mainly organized by the hotels. A walk in the palm grove is very pleasant. There is also the souk on Wednesdays and Sundays, where you can find, among other things, fresh and delicious dates.