For an unforgettable Moroccan adventure, head south of Marrakech to the rolling sand dunes of the Zagora desert. This arid wilderness stretches for miles, with palm groves, desert tracks, and Berber villages along the way. Several tour operators offer desert tours from Marrakech to Zagora, including options for camel trekking or overnight glamping under the stars.

Zagora Desert

The drive from Marrakech to Zagora takes about 7-8 hours crossing over the High Atlas mountains into a landscape that becomes increasingly sparse. The town of Zagora is an outpost on the edge of the Sahara desert surrounded by golden dunes and desert hamada. From here, you can take a camel ride at sunset, stay in a Bedouin tent camp, and go sandboarding or dune bashing. The endless sea of sand, turquoise sky, and the solitude of the desert make it a perfect escape from the chaos of Marrakech.

Camel Trekking

No trip to Morocco is complete without experiencing a camel ride in the desert. From Zagora, you can embark on a multi-day camel trek into the Erg Lihoudi dunes overnight in a Bedouin tent. As your camel train follows desert tracks into the sea of dunes, you’ll feel transported back in time. Swaying atop your camel, watch the Sahara unfold around you and be dazzled by the colorful sunset. Camel trekking in Zagora is the ultimate desert adventure.

Desert Tours from Marrakech

The easiest way to explore the Zagora desert is to book a tour from Marrakech. Tours pick you up from your hotel and handle the 7+ hour drive to Zagora. Options include day trips to Zagora for a camel ride and overnight glamping tours for stargazing and sandboarding in luxury desert camps. Multi-day camel trekking tours into the dunes can last 3 to 5 days. Private tours with guides allow you to customize your desert adventure based on your interests. A Zagora desert tour is the perfect excursion for anyone wanting to experience the Sahara with minimal effort.

With huge sand dunes, activities like camel trekking and desert glamping, and tours running direct from Marrakech, Zagora makes for an epic Moroccan escape. Cross the Atlas Mountains into this Saharan wilderness for an adventure you’ll never forget.