The Beniouarain carpet shop in Marrakech offers you the absolute best selection of carpets that are made in the kingdom! They really are the best quality Berber carpets and are completely genuine from different Berber families in Morocco.

The carpet shop is working directly with the Berbers, thus avoiding any abusive and illegal intermediary remuneration. This special and unique mode ensures competitive prices while offering true Moroccan carpets of the highest quality possible. The carpets are elegantly made from and through sheep wool, sometimes also some lamb’s wool. All dyes are obtained from natural dyes from plants like madder red, blue indigo, orange saffron, also yellow or green mint.The fact of weaving carpets in Morocco is already ancient history.

Women are known for carpets creation

The practice of carpet weaving among the Berbers is often a spot that is totally reserved for women. This is one of the noblest tasks which should be entrusted to women; it is considered to be a sort of great pride for Berber women. In the recent past, at the wedding, each Berber rural woman brought in her new home her own loom.

This attribute was her property and her pride, the loom is particularly important from the point of doing prominently among the furniture. The importance of manufacturing carpets is a big one because it is a revenue source that can easily provide a whole home. In rural Morocco, it is sometimes the only source of income with pastoralism, which essentially provides the Berber women’s dignity and ensures a central place in the life of the family.