Bored with conventional carpets and kilims? Or, tired of the sameness of recent patterns? Escape of the monotony and go for a cool Moroccan Berber rug as an alternative. Not like the moderately labored out symmetry of maximum rugs and carpets, those heavy-pile flooring coverings vary from geometric shapes in a extra free-form and expressive trend. As a result of they range from stark black and white to popping hues, and since their patterns are so daring and so summary, they paintings similarly neatly in vintage in addition to recent decor.

Little marvel then, that prime internal designers internationally had been favouring this rug over some other over the last couple of years or so. Such a lot so, that the Berber’s trellised black and white trend has spawned a mess of variants in machine-made rugs far and wide.

Little marvel additionally, that the Berber as soon as loved large recognition with mid-century trendy designers reminiscent of Le Corbusier, who paired them with their sleekly designed furnishings. A part of the attraction to the modernists used to be the primitivism within the carpets. Not like the opposite oriental rugs, there may be little class about those rugs, but they are compatible splendidly with modernist décor. Additionally, not like maximum oriental carpets which might be woven through males, the Berber is woven principally through girls of the Beni Ourain tribe from the Rif Mountains close to Taza.

Mastery of the craft is handed on from mom to daughter, which is a practice of finding out in rural spaces.
Some other level of observe is that whilst all different Islamic-era carpets have florals and built geometrics, the random and summary language of the Berber rug is derived from the frame, the shape and the purposes of the human sexual organs. In response to the duality and the assembly of the 2 sexes, it turns into the expression of a magic of common fertility. As a creative introduction of the Berber lady, her carpet principally displays the stages of her existence and the enjoy of her sexual existence—as a virgin, a brand new bride, union with guy, being pregnant, and childbirth.

The ornamental patterns at the other weaves are very important and vary from one tribe to some other. However what all of them have in not unusual are the tough hewn patterns that don’t apply any given grid or inflexible structure—and therein lies their free-spirited attractiveness.